Spices from India, the flavor of the exotic subcontinent, reflect a culture of timeless mystery, subtlety, and excitement.  Many fear attempting Indian cuisine, because they are wary of spicy foods and mistakenly think that the preparation of exotic ingredients is beyond their taste.  Pintu's cooking unlocks the mystery of Indian cuisine and the use of such spices as cardamom, cumin, curry, and saffron by combining their rich, unique flavors into dishes that will delight the palate and please the eye.


India brings a new dimension to vegetable dishes, rice, and breads, which are staples in that country's cuisine.  The diversity of Indian cuisine is represented in its curries, from hot and spicy Madras to the rich, mild yogurt curry of Delhi. Conjure up visions of the Taj Mahal as you explore the temptations of India through this intriguing land's dishes.


"I enjoy good food and I cook anything the way you like.  Just ask for me and I'll be more than happy to create an entree for you."

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